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Treasure Hunt!

  1. It was built in 1932 at a cost of around $8 million and is known for its extraordinary technical
  2. While traveling through Europe in the late nineteenth century, this artist was captivated by
    early Christian mosaics in Ravenna, Italy. These mosaics inspired his art form.  His treasures
    can still be found in churches, museums, restaurants, and hotels.  Who was the artist and
    name his unique art form.
  3. In the 1840s, this American inventor moved his odiferous factory from Murray Hill in
    Manhattan to Bushwick in Brooklyn.  To honor his scientific contributions, schools and
    housing developments have been named in his honor.  Name this industrialist and his sticky
  4. For some fowl reason, Phil, Jim and Harry are lustrous residents of this impressive venue.
    Who are they, and name the location in which they reside?
  5. The style of this Episcopal Church is thirteenth-century French Gothic.  Previously, the
    architectural convention of building churches had been stone on stone -- without a steel
    structure -- in the manner of church construction during the Middle Ages.  However, in 1894-
    1895, this church’s architects constructed a steel frame with facings of limestone, brick and
    plaster, thereby making it the first church ever to be built using the construction methods of
    skyscrapers.   Can you guess the church’s name, the name of its architects and its unlikely
  6. This Revolutionary spy paid dearly with his life and was hanged by the British. Ironically, he
    had allegedly regretted having one life to live for his country. Can you name this historic
    figure? And how old was he at his death?
  7. Motivated by his fondness for Central Park and for children, this quintessential NYC
    philanthropist lent his name to some of the park’s well known sites. Can you identify this
    generous donor and his series of notable sites in the park?
  8. In April 1865, NYC received the remains of President Abraham Lincoln so that crowds of
    people could view the figure of their departed hero.  In what NYC landmark did he lie in state?
  9. Name the New York politician who gave the electrifying keynote address at one of the
    Democratic Conventions.
  10. In 2004, this current pop icon and native New Yorker dropped out of school.  Can you name
    the artist and the school?  Also, what is her real name?
  11. “The Miracle on 49th Street”, established in 1903, is a haven for many in the entertainment
    world. Can you name this "longest running show"?
  12. This thirty-foot replica was commissioned about 1900 to sit atop one of the highest points in
    Manhattan’s Upper West Side.   It is squatter in proportion and less gracefully detailed than
    the massive original. This “little” copy can be found within a collection of distinguished
    outdoor sculpture and architectural fragments.  Can you name the replica and where is it
  13. He was acclaimed as a powerful orator in support of women’s rights, religious diversity,
    Native Americans, and the abolition of slavery. He and his sister are given credit as the
    inspirations of the Civil War. Who is this historical figure?  Can you name the landmark from
    which he used to preach? Name some of the speakers who would attend his sermons. Finally,
    who was his sister and what was her contribution to the anti-slavery movement?
  14. In 1965, this generating unit had a potential output of one million kilowatts making it the
    largest electric generator in the world. Its name is derived from the name of its manufacturer.
    What is it called and can you name its location?
  15. Born in Queens, she is a leading lady and Tony award winner of the Broadway stage. What is
    her real name?
  16. This beautiful actress finally won an Emmy after countless nominations.
  17. This musician became synonymous with the New Year’s Eve celebration. He conducted “Auld
    Lang Syne” on many a festive occasion.
  18. He was born in Brooklyn, his father a butcher and his mother the daughter of a barber. Raised
    in Sheepshead Bay, he attended public schools through the eighth grade.  He was a star on
    the football team of St. Francis Prep and went on to become an icon in the world of American
  19. What is the new name of the Triborough Bridge? Also, why is it called the Triborough?
  20. This actor was the son of Sicilian immigrants and had a successful career on Broadway, film
    and TV. He played a famous gangster.
  21. His funeral was attended by more than 100,000 in NYC in 1926.
  22. Born in Astoria, Queens, this singing icon, named Anthony Benedetto, was discovered by Bob
    Hope in 1949. Can you guess?
  23. This retired NYPD officer was made famous for testifying against police corruption in 1971. His
    story was portrayed in a film. Who was the police officer and what actor, born in Harlem and
    raised in the Bronx, played the title role?
  24. Her teen-oriented movies were very popular in the 1960's. She also made recordings and
    starred in several TV series. She was born in Brooklyn; Is also the mother of a very popular TV
    actress? Who is she and who is her daughter?
  25. This American actor was born in Little Italy and has played leading, as well as, character roles
    on stage, screen & TV. He is also the recipient of the Best Supporting Actor  award for his
    portrayal as a seedy detective. Name the actor and the film.
  26. What American family comedy act, originally from New York City, enjoyed success in
    Vaudeville, Broadway, and motion pictures from the early 1900s to around 1950?
  27. The City of Hamburg presented what gift to Central Park in the 1860s?
  28. What political figure was the inspiration behind a Broadway musical?
  29. She is the first female to gross over $100 million to direct a motion picture. In what borough
    was she born? What is her birth name? What is her nome d'arte?
THIS QUIZ IS FOR FUN ONLY!  Test your knowledge of NYC!  There is absolutely NO prize
awarded if you answer these questions correctly!!  And don't worry about not knowing. For
complete answers, hire me as your
guide.  It's less work for you!
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The WTC Cross was moved on
July 23, 2011, from St. Peter's
Church.  Can you name its new
and permanent location?
Where is this wall? Hint: It's in the
Big Apple!
Name the statue below and its location.
Can you locate this "dinosaur" head?
Visit the National Tribute Quilt!
A September 11 Memorial
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