The French Revolution haunts Marie. During that wretched time, she is
threatened with the guillotine. To escape this horrific death, she
strikes a deal with the revolutionary authorities who order her to make
wax models of beheaded political figures -- or else!!

Without formal education, Marie learns the Art of Wax Modeling from her
beloved uncle. Over time, he reveals his ambiguity to her -– his
willingness to sell out!  Does she turn her back on him?

Her artistry earns her a place at the Palace of Versailles where she
lives for eight years as artist-in residence. Marie is always forced to
choose between her own core values and the negative forces at play in
contemporary society.  

It is the early 1800s. She’s had enough with her lackey husband who
gambles away her profits. Marie makes the excruciating decision to go it
alone!  She must leave Paris to build her business in England.  
Frightened by the unknown, she has no other choice?

MARIE TUSSAUD is a biopic with a courageous female protagonist. It moves
from her childhood years in Switzerland into Paris and, finally, into
England.  It is a universal story about betrayal, revenge, love –- and
-- belief in your own self worth!  Marie battles against bullying and
social prejudice to get where she wants to be.  It speaks to today’s



Martha Danielle Lanzillotti