Recent Tours
  • Great food tour with twenty-nine foodies! I walked them through the West
    Village, gave them lots of history -- they bought lots of goodies along the
    way.  Yummy!!

  • Walked all over Lower Manhattan with participants from the East-West
    Center the day before Hurricane Sandy made her unwelcome appearance.

  • Big wigs from Procter & Gamble and I ambled through Ellis Island on my
    one-hour tour.  They immersed themselves in immigrant life.  As for me, I  
    never get tired of that place!

  • Congrats to marathon winners!  My tour with KY students went real well
    in spite of traffic warnings.  We took the subway. Train rerouted to
    Brooklyn! No problem! We walked back across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was
    a marathon day, to be sure!!!!

  • He, a doctor from Egypt!  She, a model from Roumania!  Me, a tour guide
    from NYC! A great blend!  We lunched at the Oyster Bar, walked the High
    Line, visited a Buddhist Temple in Chinatown! A great two days!

  • German exchange students and I saw lots -- in a NY minute! In spite of
    the language barrier we understood each other.

  • Walked Central Park with fifteen women from Canada. We "rambled"
    through the Ramble -- almost got lost!!! For two hours we experienced
    the wonders of the park!

  • Visited the Orthodox Jewish in Brooklyn with a student group from coal
    mining town in W. Virginia. A cultural eyeopener for all -- including me!

  • Three moms and three daughters from Toronto! We walked Lower
    Manhattan (including the Brooklyn Bridge) in three hours! Took the
    subway and ended at the statue of Balto in the park.  Whew!  But worth
    every minute.

  • From Aberdeen Proving Ground I walked the Brooklyn Bridge with
    officers from the UAE, Slovakia, Bulgaria, the Philippines, Thailand, and
    the good old USA.  Happy 126th birthday to the Brooklyn Bridge!

  • From Minneapolis came a choir group -- they sang at the Cathedral of St.
    John the Divine then proceeded to give me a concert on the bus! Angels
    they were!

  • A wonderful group of students from the University of Pittsburgh -- all
    girls! We painted the town red in spite of the bitter cold.

  • Again Ireland!! A man from Belfast -- celebrating his 50th birthday -- took
    himself to NYC.  We subwayed everywhere. Uptown, midtown, downtown,
    east side, west side, and all around the town. Top o' the mornin' to ya!

  • Ireland was in town this December. A couple from outside Dublin -- they
    wanted a tour on how NYC disposes of its waste. After lots of research
    on my part -- we hit some of the "dump" areas by subway. A first for me!!

  • Two big groups in one day! From the same client.  Only one guide -- me.  I
    finished one tour and ran to the second bus to start all over again.

  • A group from Virginia -- all family and friends --came up to NYC for a day.
    The Christmas season in the Big Apple is like no other. We fought off the
    heavy traffic -- much to their delight! It was all worth it!!

  • A day in Philadelphia was included in my NYC tour with a corporate group
    from Italy. Lunch at City Tavern and a walk through Independence Park
    made my day!

  • We had only two hours to see Manhattan. A senior-citizen group off a
    cruise ship had a whirlwind tour. Of course no potty breaks! At the end of
    the tour -- cheers, applause, and lots of hugs!

  • Two young couples from the North of England wanted an in-depth NYC
    tour. We walked through DUMBO, across the Brooklyn Bridge, toured all
    of Lower Manhattan.  We finished at the NY Earth Room!

  • Lots of fun with senior citizens from Ohio, Illinois and Michigan. We
    walked MePa.  Some bought cupcakes in the Chelsea market. Mmmm!

  • A couple from Northern Italy wanted NYC by foot. Our six-mile walk
    included a stop at Ralph Lauren on the upper east side and the tony
    shops of Madison Avenue!

  • With cattle ranchers from Kentucky we toured Radio City, walked to lunch
    in Times Square, saw "Hairspray", visited the Lady in the Harbor and Ellis
    Island.  For most, it was their first time to NYC -- and certainly not their

  • A schoolteacher from Knoxville and her husband wanted Little India in
    Queens. We walked through some of Jackson Heights, saw where
    "scrabble" was created, and then into Little India with its exotic sari

  • With a husband and wife from Messina we traversed the city via subway.
    We climbed the schist in Central and had lunch in SoHo.

  • Two young Italian ladies and I saw the Yankee Stadium (both the old and
    the new), Arthur Avenue, Harlem, DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights in a limo -- all
    in four hours!

  • I have shown New York to Italians from Montreal, Messina, and Reggio
    Calbria.  Let's go Euro!

  • Watching the reaction of first-time visitors to NYC is always fun!  And so it
    was recently with my group from Indiana. The weather glorious!  They all
    had pre-conceived notions of the city.  After my tour, they left loving the
    Big Apple!

  • More Italians! -- From Milano. Our stop in Brooklyn Heights was nothing
    short of spectacular.  Great views of Manhattan and the iconic Brooklyn
    Bridge.  We received a light spray from the waterfall under the bridge.  
    Made a gastronomic stop at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.  Yummy!

  • What a great week! -- All Italians.  The city is booming.  I had two groups --
    one from Pompeii, the other from Carrara. The first time for both.  I
    showed them everything -- the Statue, Ellis Island, midtown, downtown.  
    The highlight -- a twenty-minute helicopter ride above the city!

  • For two days I was "led" around town with my "Special Needs" group
    from Alabama.  As participants in the Special Olympics they had the
    energy and enthusiasm that made the tour great fun. I was honored to be
    their guide!

  • NYC is history! I had a family from Virginia and we walked through "New
    Amsterdam" right  through post-revolutionary New York.  

  • Just finished two days with Oxford Music Academy students. Tours
    started at 7:30 am.  What did we do before stores opened? Walking tours
    through SoHo and Chinatown. They oohed and aahed at the sight of
    Heath Ledger's residence. The kids are here for the annual Music
    Festival. Bright and fun-loving!

  • In spite of their huge snow storms, my school group from Ohio made it to
    NYC. We saw everything - shopped in Harlem, "celebrated" New Years in
    Times Square! What a great time.

  • A Virginia family - dad, mom and son - loved my history tour of Greenwich
    Village and SoHo. We ended the tour at Ferrara's in Little Italy  - Mmmm!!!

  • Walk, walk,walk!! Best way to see the city. My Seven Ladies from Utica
    and I hiked through SoHo, Little Italy and Chinatown. Showed them the
    Old St. Pat's, the Five Points corner, where the revolutionary Sun Yat Sen
    had his hide-out, and crime boss John Gotti's digs prior to his arrest.

  • For three days, I showed Manhattan to students and teachers from
    Tennessee. We traversed the city from Lower Manhattan to Harlem via
    subway. We walked, walked, walked!!

  • Seniors from the University of Pittsburgh were in the city. In spite of the
    freezing weather, great fun was had by all, including me.

  • Cunard's Queen Victoria sailed into town on her maiden voyage. I did the
    tour of NYC to some of the ship's British passengers.  All three ships,
    including the Queen Mary 2 and the QE2 were in town that day. What an
    honor for me!!!

  • Yves Saint Laurent sales people from Italy came into town.  I had the great
    pleasure of touring them for four days.  Get this, in one day we did all the
    transportation venues - from helicopter rides to water taxi (where I also
    did the tour) to horse and carriage, and then to subway.  Whew!  They
    gave me lots of hugs at the end of their stay.

  • Had a wonderful tour with a group of seniors from the midwest. It snowed
    and rained - lots of slush.  We stayed indoors a lot.  Showed them the
    Winter Garden at the WFC.  Very festive at Christmas!

  • Gracie Mansion was the destination.  The group from North Carolina.
    They are the founders of their own museum. It was great watching lovers
    of culture enjoy the treasures of the Big Apple.

  • Watch out for my performance group who will be marching in the
    Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Today, we did our whirlwind tour of the Big
    Apple.  Great group of girls!!

  • I love my senior citizens!  They were from Ohio & Kentucky. One woman
    told me that her daughter had to twist her arm to visit NYC.  After my tour
    she was thrilled she came!

  • A high-end Italian group was here for a sight inspection.  Visited Ralph
    Lauren on Madison Ave. Coffee at Sant' Ambroeus!

  • This was the first time to New York City for an Italian couple from Rome.
    We made our way around town via limousine.  

  • On tour with seven women from Texas, we stopped at the Cathedral of
    St. John the Divine. I brought them into the garden. Three peacocks
    were perched on the railing of the tapestry conservatory. A photo
    moment if there ever was one - especially the all-white peacock!

  • On a recent charter tour aboard the Atlantica Yacht, guests enjoyed
    hearing about sights along the NYC skyline.

  • In September, my clients included the Aberdeen Proving Ground and
    several bank groups from Illinois. After a brief hiatus in the South of
    France, I have returned to a full schedule.

  • Miva loved their walking tour of lower Manhattan.  We ended the tour
    with Tacos and Margheritas!!
Martha Danielle Lanzillotti
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Photo by Tom Misuraca. Pitt Program Council
Director at the University of Pittsburgh
Photo by Christina Monroe. Martha (with umbrella)
conducting a NYC walking tour for participants of
the East-West Center, Asia Pacific Leadership
Program from Honolulu.
Photo by Ann Marie Barnes, DAR MS