Martha Danielle Lanzillotti
  • Thank you for all your wonderful tour guide service -- my
    groups love you!  I have to "clone" you -- not possible . . .
    Lois, Hello New York, NY

  • Our group REALLY enjoyed you. You did a great job and
    would definitely like to have you for my group next year!!!
    When I have a date I will be in touch! . . . Kim, LaVerne's
    Travel, MN

  • Thank you so much for accommodating our schedule.  
    My guests learned a lot and now have a better
    appreciation of NYC.  You do a "super" job, glad you
    were our step-on . . . Carol, Holiday Vacations,WI

  • Thank you for such a great NYC tour! You were
    absolutely wonderful -- so knowledgeable and interesting
    and full of all sorts of great information. Thank you for
    sharing your city with all of us!  I know that our entire
    group really enjoyed our time with you. Thank you! All the
    best . . . Melissa, Holiday Vacations, WI

  • Thanks for a great tour yesterday. You are the perfect
    combination of nice, knowledgeable, great voice, pretty,
    and reassuring to travelers who are in a "foreign" city to
    them. I'll get in touch with you again in late September
    because I would like to have you step on the bus again
    next year. Thanks again . . . Bob, Bob's Baseball Tours,

  • Martha you did a great job for us. Thanks for making our
    trip insightful. Hopefully we met all your expectations as
    you did ours. Until next time . . . Fred, Green Group, TX

  • I can't begin to tell you how much you have meant to me
    and all the passengers for all these years. Many thanks
    for everything . . . Kathie, KJR Tours, PA

  • As always we love you and appreciate the great job you
    do . . . Donna, Holiday Vacations, WI

  • Thank you so much for a fantastic tour. The staff and
    students had a great time! . . . Naples Central School
    System & Jo-Onna, CWT, NY

  • Thank you so much for our wonderful day in NYC!  
    Everyone enjoyed themselves !  We learned so much
    about our great city !  Thanks again . . . Cristina & family
    (Italians & Polish!), NJ

  • Martha Lanzillotti, is perhaps the most experienced
    "personal tour professional" for events on yachts and
    boats, in NY Harbor. She is wonderful to work with and
    very, very reliable. A gem! . . . Bob, Nautical Holidays, CT

  • Thank you for another wonderful group tour of NYC. It
    was just what the group wanted, and I think you could see
    how much fun the kids had.  Great memories that will last
    a lifetime!  Mike was a fabulous guide on our second bus
    and as always, I learned something new.  Looking forward
    to our next visit!  Sincerely . . . Anna, Carlson Wagonlit
    Travel, MN

  • Thank you for the terrific tour of Manhattan . . . Jean and
    the Travel Time Tour Group, CA

  • Thank you so much for the tour.  Your knowledge,
    personality and enthusiasm were great! . . . Gail, Holiday
    Vacations, WI

  • Thank you for a fantastic tour. You gave a great overview
    to the city that everyone really enjoyed. Sincerely . . .  The
    Students, staff and parents of St. Paul Lutheran School,

  • Thanks again for another great time in the Big Apple!
    Always a joy to work with you! Hope we can do it again
    SOON! . . . Randi, Pleasurebent Tours, AZ

  • I want to thank you for making the trip to Ellis Island very
    memorable for our group.  Your knowledge of New York
    and its history added so much to our experience.  I
    thoroughly enjoyed the tour and working with you. . .
    Caryn, Duracell, Procter & Gamble, CT

  • [We] thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in Central Park with
    you ... In fact, it was my favorite tour with you to date.  You’
    re so knowledgeable as well as good company.  We’re
    looking forward to many future tours with you.  We
    appreciate your sharing some of your personal NYC with
    us, your favorite restaurants, for instance.  There’s so
    much to see & learn there, and your enthusiasm is
    infectious. . . Pat, VA

  • What a gem you are! Your coach tour was so packed with
    amazing facts, sights and stories and your walking tour
    was superb!  I know I will be back in NYC again, and when
    I do come I will be calling you! . . . Bev, Great Escapes, ON

  • Thank you again for the outstanding job that you did. . .  
    The group loved the guided tour and as good as the Lion
    King show was, I think they enjoy the guided tour
    component of the NYC trip the best . . . Steve, Sunquest
    Promotions, IL

  • Wanted to express my gratitude for another smashing
    tour! . . . Jake, Westwood One Radio, GA

  • Just wanted to say you are the best!  We had a great time
    and saw so much.  Our whole group raved about your
    tour.  When we come back to NYC you will be getting a
    call.  I can't thank you enough for your excellence and
    knowledge you imparted to our group.  So much
    appreciated! Thanks! . . .  Alpha Tours & Expeditions, MI

  • Thank you for making our experience in New York most
    enjoyable . . . St Peter's Church Ambassadors, NC

  • Wonderful day, thanks to you!  It's always a pleasure to
    come to NYC 'cause you are our guide. . . Class of 2011,
    St. Joseph School, MA

  • We love what you do for us. [the group] commented on
    the great experience they had. Thank you for everything
    that you do for us . . . Kathie, KJR Tours, PA

  • You have made our NYC experience more meaningful.
    Fantastic! That's what you are. As a tour director you
    know it all . . . L & J, CA

  • We want to thank you for everything. You made our New
    York experience awesome. We are very appreciative . . .
    Bob & Betty, AR

  • Martha, your NY knowledge was amazing. Thank you for
    providing a most informative and enjoyable tour of NY . . .
    Jack & Valerie, FL

  • You were an excellent guide! Don't think we missed a
    thing in NY! Thanks! . . . Jane, CA

  • Thank you for making my first trip to NYC a wonderful
    experience! . . . Dee, CA

  • Really enjoyed seeing you . . . Group thought you were
    marvelous! I already knew it! . . . Melissa, Student Group
    Tours, FL

  • You're still the best guide! . . . Carol, Five Star Tours, KY

  • You did a wonderful job with both White Bear Lake
    groups.  Everyone commented on how knowledgeable
    you were and what an excellent job you did! Thanks
    again! . . . Bonnie, Macy's Group Travel, MN

  • Thank you so much for making our trip to NYC so
    enjoyable and memorable. You never disappoint and it is
    always such a pleasure to spend time with you . . . J. G.,
    Director, Ameri Club, American Trust & Savings Bank, IA

  • Thank you so much for giving us a great tour & insight
    into beautiful New York.  We have learned so much. . .
    New Zealand & Australian Sweet Adelines Group, NZ &

  • Thank you for a wonderful tour of some of the highlights
    of New York.  I particularly enjoyed our visit to Trinity
    Church, Ground Zero, and Central Park. You were a
    superb guide. Very many thanks.  Good wishes for happy
    touring! . . . P.G., UK

  • Whenever someone has asked my mom what she liked
    best about NY you were in her top three.  I really
    appreciate your consideration and patience.  It was a
    delight to spend our mornings with you. . . Jan, TX

  • My group of ladies loved your tour of Central Park. Thank
    you for doing this . . . Lois, CAA Niagara

  • We wouldn't come to New York without you!!! Thank you
    and God Bless you!!! . . . Connie, Carol, Nancy, Powell
    Valley HS, VA

  • I must comment about the great tour guide that you are
    for us when we visit NYC. You are the best! Working with
    you over the years has been very rewarding and
    developed a friendship that continues to grow. I have
    always felt fortunate in securing you as a guide and in
    knowing the fact that you will be there with us and to
    guide us. You always make our tour groups feel
    welcomed and less intimidated by the Big Apple. They
    always go away feeling that they have truly had a great
    taste of the Big Apple and that with your expertise you
    polished the apple and presented it to us in such a
    refreshing and magnificent way. Thank you. . . Loren,
    American Classic Tours, IL

  • Thank you so much for a wonderful tour. I was very
    impressed with everything. Thank you so much for
    everything! The children were really happy with the tour. .
    Kelly, Memorable Tours, NC

  • Enka HS loved you so much. Thank you for helping make
    me look good . . .  Rick, Runion Tours, MN

  • The guided city tour was something that I would not go
    without. Martha was VERY informative, flexible, and lots
    of  fun . . . Waconia, HS, MN                           

  • Your knowledge of the city makes the tours great fun! . . .
    You are a gem! . . . You are awesome! Thanks for another
    great tour! . . . Winamac MS, IN

  • Thanks for sharing your city with us. Your knowledge,
    enthusiasm and patience made this a wonderful trip . . .
    River View HS, OH

  • Thanks again for the outstanding guide work. I spoke to a
    group of girls at hotel check-out and they said that your
    city tour was the best part of their entire trip! . . . Steve,
    Sunquest Promotions, IL

  • Thanks for a great tour.  I really enjoyed the whole day
    and especially enjoyed your company on the tour. You
    have a nice way with you . . . Sean, Belfast, Northern

  • We really enjoyed our trip to the Big Apple and have talked
    nonstop about our adventures with you . . .Saralee,  
    Knoxville, TN

  • Thank you so very much for the wonderful experience in
    New York!  It was exactly what I wanted and you were
    superb. It might have been our best trip ever.  I love NY
    now with a new perspective. You listened to what I asked
    for and implemented it.  Everyone had a wonderful time.
    Thanks so much. It was all I had hoped for and more . . .
    Barbee, Fernung Tours, IN

  • Thanks again for another outstanding tour over the
    weekend; the students really enjoyed the tour and the
    great job that you did!. . . C. Brown, International Military
    Student Office, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of the
    city with us! We had a great time! . . . D.S., Lakeland H.S.,

  • You have always been so professional!  Thank You!
    Thank You! . . . Liz, Educational Travel, FL

  • You're the greatest!  We had a great day! . . . St. Joseph
    School, Class of '08, MA

  • Thanks for a great NYC tour and for your time and
    expertise regarding our NYC experience.  We had a
    wonderful time! . . . The Morgan County HS Band

  • We had a great trip. . . ! One of the highlights was, of
    course,  our tour with you. You did so well with Bobbie.
    Thanks. Look forward to having you teach us NYC in
    future trips. . . Pat, Richmond, VA

  • Martha was great. We hope to have you next year as our
    tour guide. . . Malinda, River View HS, Ohio

  • Martha, thanks very much for a great job with West High
    School.  I never have to worry when you are with my
    groups. . . L. George, East Tennessee Group Tours

  • Hi from Kansas. . .Thank you again for being such a
    gracious guide to my group. . . J. Swanson, Jade Travel

  • The group really loved being with you. . . S. A., Art Entree

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge & expertise with
    us today. I know that our guests truly enjoyed
    experiencing New York City with you as their guide.
    Thanks again for a wonderful tour. . . G.G., Holiday

  • It is always so good to see you. You are just the best
    guide New York has!

  • Because of you, we know everything we ever needed to
    know about NYC.

  • Thank you from Crestview Middle School for the great
    tour you gave us in NYC. You are a wonderful tour guide.

  • We all appreciated your excellent work. Everyone was
    impressed with your knowledge and the expertise in
    which your presentation was offered. Your appearance,
    kindness, and courtesy were outstanding. A professional,
    yet warm, caring attitude. I wouldn't hesitate to
    recommend you for any group wanting the best tour guide
    in NY . . .  R. Silvers, Executive Publisher, The Saturday
    Evening Post
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wonderful tour guiding you
do for us every year. Our
customers love you and so
do we... You definitely have
the entrepreneurial spirit
combined with Yankee
ingenuity that built this
wonderful country. We wish
the best for you and all the
people you hold dear!
and Cindy, Jim & Cindy's